Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I've been thinking about the "Core Values" of The Crossover When we talk about DNA, we are talking about what kind of things are duplicated in everything we do. Every cell in my body has exactly the same DNA, though not every cell has the same function or develops physically the same way. But the key elements, the core purpose, duplicates to every cell and every cell has the potential to produce the whole body.

So, what are the "Core Values" of The Crossover. What needs to be reproduced in everything we do, while other characteristics are able to be whatever they want.

Core Value # 1: Humbleness. This is a largely misunderstood word, but it would be the one word I would use to describe Jesus. He is God. He is perfect. And He was wronged by us. And He set all that aside, took on our fleshly form, paid for our mistakes, and forgave us.

But it isn't a doormat concept. Jesus' humbleness always had a purpose and it wasn't to get people off his back! When it came to religious people, he often passionately argued with them. When it came to sinners, he almost seemed to overlook it. Sometimes humbleness means keeping your mouth shut. Sometimes it means not giving up the point because you care about the person so much, not that you care so much about the point.

We want the people of The Crossover to be humble. To be forgiving. To be healers of relationships. To say the truth in love.

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