Tuesday, June 11, 2002

We had a great time on our vacation last week. We started at Grant's Farm. It is free except for a parking fee and food prices that would make you think you should sink your investment money into Brats. They had lots of animals. It was definitely worth the time.

Then we went to our hotel. We had a penthouse at The Residence Inn. Believe it or not, we paid under $100 a night for this unbelievable room. Then they had complementary HOT breakfast buffet (wow the waffles!) and complementary snack in the afternoon (one day biscuits and gravy, the next BBQ).

Wednesday, we went to The Magic House. It is basically a big play area where you can learn all at the same time. The kid's loved it!

We ate lunch at Pizzeria Uno. Oh wow!! I had my favorite, the alfredo. It was so good!! But a little pricey.

Then we went back to the hotel for naps. My mom, who graciously went with us, watched the kids and Danelle and I went to see Star Wars. It was my third time to see it. I've never seen any movie more than once. To say the least, I liked it.

Thursday, we went to The Butterfly House. This is really cool. It basically a big greenhouse of plants with thousands of butterflies from all over the world. It was cool. There is also a Carousel in the next building, but we didn't have time.

A stop for lunch at The Macaroni Grill was perfect. Our waiter, Jermaine (who looked suspiciously like the magician David Blaine, brought me the wrong order. In fact, he argued with me that I had ordered what he brought, not what I thought. But in fact, what he brought, the Calzonetta, was unbelievably good! Oh the food!!!

Then we went to The St Louis Zoo. Again free except parking and exorbitant food prices that would make you think the world was coming to an end. You have to see the hairless ape! The new River's Edge is nice, but the animals still hide. I love that zoo.

Finally, we made our way home. A great vacation.

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