Saturday, September 07, 2002

New Core Value - Glocal

Yahoo! Sports: NBA - Yugoslavia stuns Team USA, knocks U.S. from medal contention

INDIANAPOLIS (Ticker) - Unthinkable.
Just 24 hours after suffering their first international loss with NBA players, Team USA came out flat Thursday and was stunned by Yugoslavia, 81-78, and knocked from medal contention at the World Basketball Championships.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller, but for some reason we really just don't believe it. Team USA, loaded with NBA basketball players (though not our very best), was beaten by Argentina and won't finish in the top four.

We are in email contact with ALL of our missionaries. More people visit our overseas missions than ever before. You just get on a plane and go. They want you to go.

The Crossover must think way beyond Mattoon and realize that especially in today's world, we can easily bless the whole world. That isn't a prideful statement. That is just the truth.

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