Thursday, October 31, 2002

Word and Power Chapter 10

Worship Evangelism

He basically says that Boomers (age 38 to 50??) liked and accepted Seeker worship. But that Gen X and beyond want to experience God through worship. I agree. Not sure this is exactly a Pentecostal/Evangelical issue.

Banister is from Evangelical Free Churches, and they are highly intellectual, expecting the preacher to spend most of his week preparing a 45 minute long, deeply studied, sermon, and then tack on some music for worship. I think he is reacting more against that than he is looking at the two streams. Maybe the Pentecostal stream is what has led him to that conclusion. Not sure it matters.

Maybe it does. Maybe I'm not wanting to give credit where credit is due. Maybe I'm just reacting to the problems I see with Pentecostalism. I see it hard to separate out the problems.

What It's All About

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