Thursday, October 31, 2002

Word and Power Church

In chapter 7, In the Presence of a Talking God, Banister, again very conservatively wades into the issue of God speaking today. He gives instances, like I would say most of us have had, where God gave us a clue as how to proceed or what was wrong or how to pray.

He gives some guidance:
1. Stress that Scripture and not prophetic utterances are the primary means of spiritual growth and guidance.

2. Learn how to hear the voice of God through Scripture.

3. Provide teaching on the prophetic gift as a regular part of church training and preaching.

He gives a sublist on # 3. a) Does the prophesy edify those who hear it? b) Does the prophesy agree with Scripture? c) Do other agree that the prophesy is of God? d) Does the person with the prophesy present it humbly?

4. Develop a longing in your church for hearing the voice of God.

I can agree with all of this.

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