Thursday, October 24, 2002

X-Ray Vision
I was finishing up wedding counseling last night for a couple who haven't been regular in church in a while, though they both grew up in church.

We were running through the specifics of the wedding service, and I said "At this point, you will give me the wedding rings." She asked, "Why are we giving you the rings?" He answered, "Because he will bless them."

I thought for a second (probably should have longer) because I wasn't sure why I was taking the rings, but I didn't think it was to bless them. I said to them (I really did), "I don't have that power. They gave me X-ray vision. Its pretty cool. But it can be a pain sometimes."

Then she wondered why I didn't use Reverend on everything I have my name on. Basically, I said, "Because I'm just a guy."

My initial thinking is people want to put ministers on a pedestal to explain that that is another level, where a person sins less, but to which they aren't called. And pastors like it because it makes them feel special with special privileges. Though I can't believe if they are honest, they think they deserve the title. I think it is a hindrance overall.

Yes, I am the spiritual leader of the Crossover. Yes, I am the pastor. I don't think I have to have a title for people to recognize my leadership. A title doesn't alway help the President of the United States. And no, I don't have X-ray vision.

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