Friday, November 08, 2002


During seminary, we had to have a 10 week internship. I chose to intern with Pastor Keith Raderstorf. He was in his 50's, seemed solid, didn't seem weird (so many pastors do seem weird), and was being very effective in his church. I submitted myself to his leadership. I did what he asked. I served him however I could. He taught me about people. He taught me to control my tongue more. He taught me that my passion was a good thing. He protected me from those who saw me as a threat. He gave me opportunities to serve beyond my expectations. He let me ask him whatever I wanted. He let me voice my opinions no matter how raw.

And the benefits to my life have been huge. We still stay in touch. I wish it was more. But I feel he should get credit for most of my accomplishments.

It has been my heart's desire since to make sure that those who really want to follow Jesus have someone that can help them along their journey and I make myself available to those who are serious about the journey.

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