Wednesday, November 27, 2002

TiVo thinks I'm Gay

Read this article. It is hilarious, scary, and insightful for the future.

Here is a sample: Mr. Iwanyk, 32 years old, first suspected that his TiVo thought he was gay, since it inexplicably kept recording programs with gay themes. A film studio executive in Los Angeles and the self-described "straightest guy on earth," he tried to tame TiVo's gay fixation by recording war movies and other "guy stuff."

"The problem was, I overcompensated," he says. "It started giving me documentaries on Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Eichmann. It stopped thinking I was gay and decided I was a crazy guy reminiscing about the Third Reich."

I guess TiVo starts guessing what you like to watch and records stuff you might want to watch.

I found this through Relevant Magazine.

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