Monday, December 02, 2002

Maybe I was wrong
I said blogging isn't pompous. Then I read David Hopkin's blog.

Famous people I have met:
George W. Bush (U.S. President)
Dirk Nowitzki (NBA basketball player)
Steve Nash (NBA basketball player)
Brad Davis (NBA basketball player)
Mark Cuban (owner of Dallas Mavericks)
Karl Malone (NBA basketball player)
Traci Lords (um, no comment)
Linda Blair (actress, starred in The Exorcist)
Peter Mayhew (actor, Chewbacca from Star Wars)
Ray Park (actor, starred the X-Men & Star Wars, episode 1)
Dr. Drew Pinsky (radio talk show host, Lovelines)
Todd McFarlane (comic book artist, creator of Spawn)
John Romita, Jr. (comic book artist)
Jim Lee (comic book artist)
Lisa Umbarger (bass player for Toadies)
R.C. Sproul (preacher, writer)
Charles Swindoll (preacher, writer)

And I was once standing twenty feet from Tiger Woods!

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