Friday, March 07, 2003

We are always looking for a hero

Movie & TV News @ Magazine Article to Focus on Gibson's Religious Beliefs

A New York Times Sunday magazine article due to appear on March 9 will report that The Passion, a movie about the last 12 hours in Christ's life being produced and directed by Mel Gibson, will reflect Gibson's ultra-traditional Catholicism. Christopher Noxon, who wrote the piece, interviewed the star's father, Hutton Gibson, who has called Pope John Paul II "Garrulous Karolus, the Koran kisser" and has denied that the Holocaust ever happened. The Times article says that the movie may revive the charge that the Jews killed Christ. Gary Giuffré, a friend of the actor who holds his traditionalist beliefs, told the Times that the $25-million movie, which Gibson is personally financing, will "lay the blame for the death of Christ where it belongs." In an interview with today's New York Post, Noxon said that Gibson, who recently attacked the article on Bill O'Reilly's program, "has played hardball with me the whole time, and gone ballistic."

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