Thursday, April 24, 2003

Putting together a worship band
I was recently asked advice on starting a worship band. Here was my advice.

Well, I could write a book. I’d start by praying for one person – not necessarily a great musician or singer, but a coordinator of the band. In our church that is me. And I’m still not sure it would be easy to replace me.

You have to remember a couple of things about musicians.

1. The better the odder.
2. Great musicians won’t play with mediocre musicians. You won’t start with great musicians unless you start with almost all great musicians.
3. Music skill and spiritual depth have no relation.
4. The goal of a praise and worship team is to connect people’s hearts to God’s heart. That is quite a feat really.
5. Musicians come in all kinds of packages. Most can only play one style, meaning not every talented person will be able to play in your band. Some will claim no ability to read music. Some can’t play without completely written out music (which kills a P&W band). You may find a guitar player that sounds just like the radio, but he can’t play a G chord.
6. You can either sing harmony or you can’t.
7. Most musicians do not know how to play in a band, but they can learn.
8. If you have a piano player, they have to play chords not written out music. It can be learned. Danelle had to make the transition and she has taught a couple of others.

I’d start with a rhythm acoustic guitar, bass, and drummer. Then I’d have two or three singers (a lead and a harmony or two). If you don’t start with at least the instruments I suggested, your band will sound hollow and empty. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DRUMMER.

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