Saturday, May 03, 2003


Dan is a little irritated about community.

He says on his blog,
This word is buzzing around the institutional Church like Spiderman swings his way through New York City! But I don't know if we get it in the local church. I've started to think about this word and what it implies. What is community? ...

My basic feel is that we don't understand the Gospel, the Good News. The Good News is that we can have deep intimate relationships with God and each other similar to what was found in The Garden of Eden. What most people think the Gospel is "The forgiveness of sins." Certainly the forgiveness of sins are what make relationships possible, but we still hesitate to have deep relationships with God or with each other.

Think about the Trinity -- God in three persons, talk about community.

Think about Heaven -- no, don't think about boating and fishing, that isn't heaven. Heaven is people, gathered in a pure form, having Trinity like relationships. Read 1 Corinthians 13.

Unfortunately it is much easier to write this than to accomplish it. I understand your pain Dan, but hang on. Even those who "get it" aren't "good at it."

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