Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Church Planting Church

This is from Steve Sjogren's Blog. It would be worth contacting this church and see if we can get a flavor of what is going on there.

I was in the Ft. Worth area a couple of weeks ago at an innovative church called Northwoods. It's actually a Southern Baptist Church that is connected with Southwestern Seminary. They are doing some amazing things in the church planting arena. For example, last year they planted some 12 churches. This year they are slated to plant about 14 chuches all over the globe. They call what they do "glocal" (mixing the words "global" and "local"). Each church they plant has in its DNA to plant another church within two years or they don't get the go ahead to plant. I spoke as what they call their boot camp for their church planters coming in for encouragement and training. I think the key to what they are doing is the connection with Southwestern Seminary -- a steady stream of interns comes out of that relationship.

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