Thursday, June 26, 2003

Danelle Comments on Another Blog

Should I be worried?

An athiest posted some interesting thoughts about church at Waving or Drowning. Here is Danelle's comment.

I feel quite passionate about church. I love the community it brings to believers. However, so often it is like you say -- full of complainers that whine about how it doesn't fit their idea of what it should be.

So here's a thought: instead of leaving a church why not push it to look like what you think it should? We encourage those in our congregation to find their passion, to identify what God is asking them personally to do -- to THINK!

Once a passion is identified, we try to find out what needs to happen for this ministry to succeed. A team is formed, fundraising (if needed) takes place, ministry happens. As long as the ministry doesn't conflict with the overall vision of the church, or contradict our beliefs, we embrace it.

Here's what happens: the church is constantly changing and evolving as people follow their passions. We don't get stuck in a rut. Also, people move beyond their selfish desires and put themselves in the background. Equipping people FOR MINISTRY is one of the most effective ways to overcome the the self-centeredness that is plaguing so many churches today.

Embrace thinking, embrace our unique missions, embrace change! Only then will "church" fit the needs of all who come and expand to allow the "million thinkers" to fit!

I don't have to worry. She is a solid thinker and faithful to our vision!
Posted by Danelle at June 26, 2003 08:07 AM

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