Monday, June 23, 2003

Looking forward to the new Gary Kotter book series

From the Living Room
I've been thinking of writing a children’s book. I'm not sure anything has been done like this before - let me run the basic storyline past you - tell me what you think.

The hero of the book is Gary Kotter - he's a young orphan who's father was a famous TV Evangelist. His parents were killed in an altar call that went horribly wrong. Since then he's been raised by his conservative Aunt and Uncle who haven’t allowed Gary to exercise the gifts of the Spirit that like his father he also seems to have.

One day Gary receives a scholarship to attend a school in a parallel universe - a seminary called Godswarts. On arriving at Godswarts he makes friends with Con Beasley and Dermoine Ranger (who has a sparkle in her eye and who he suspects he might be destined to marry one day, after an appropriate courting period where they will only see each other with a chaperone - Seminary rules).

Gary finds the expectations upon him at Godswarts are high due to his fathers fame but he lives up to them by quickly becoming the star of his house's bible verse memorisation team. (His house is BennyHinndeldorff - the house for up and coming TV evangelists)
Gary's nemesis in this adventure is fellow student Derwin Roose from the house called 'Livenrom' (the house for up and coming 'raving Muslim loving liberals' like this who start alternative forms of church).

Gary and Derwin battle in this first adventure of 7 (holy number) to make their theology

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