Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Need a Better Matrix Test

Here are the characters I may want to use from the original:
Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Agent Smith, Oracle, Cypher, Tank, Apoc, Mouse, Switch, Dozer

Here are the characters I may want from Reloaded:
Commander Lock, Seraph (protector of the Oracle), Link (replaced Tank), Niobe, Counselor Hamann

UPDATE: So what are the major characteristics of each of these characters that separate them from each other?
Neo - unsure, curious
Morpheus - sure, believes fate will take care of everything.
Trinity - unsure, suspicious, love will tell the answers
Agent Smith - sure, controlling
Oracle - all knowing, not real
Commander Lock -- sure, believes must take of yourself
Link - unsure, wants to believe, excited
Niobe -- unsure, questioning, goes with her instinct
Mouse -- sure, believes in human desire
Hamann -- unsure, doesn't believe there is a point to life

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