Monday, July 14, 2003

Something Personal

I haven't written much personal here. I use this Blog more for a place to hold information than to post thoughts or views. The problem I have is communication and the image that it creates.

Sometimes when I communicate with people, especially electronically, they come to wrong conclusions about my intentions or sometimes get very mad. Although when I send out my email newsletter, I've gotten almost nothing but good comments. But those are typically well thought out and not just thoughts thrown out at a whim. People don't like to discuss issues. People like to defend issues. I rarely desire to argue issues anymore, but am very curious how people would reasonably do so.

I've noticed that the blogs I like best are usually very liberal politically and oddly they typically hold Michael Moore as an icon and often as a source of information. My conservative friends make me feel very liberal, but my liberal friends make me feel very conservative. Anybody else feel like this? I'm beginning to think I need a new category, a new list of issues that our category defends. ;)

Politics barely interest me any more. How decisions are made interests me. How ideas are communicated interest me. How ideas are formed interest me. But politics is never (rarely) a discussion. It is always a spin. It is always a how can I get people to believe what I believe. And it is so often very hateful, or at least, disrespectful. Religion is often the same way.

I get bored easily.

I am much happier, even smiling more, since I had a week of vacation. Yeah!! When's my next one?

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