Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Cooper talks about Church Buildings

Jordon Cooper went to a conference called Soularize in Boston.

Everywhere we went there were these stunningly large and old churches. Many over 300 years old. During Soularize, Spencer started to talk about exit strategies for church buildings. Many of these buildings are already seeing the death of the congregations. The Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center is an old Lutheran Church that was donated to the community after the congregation fled to the burbs. I wonder what will happen to many mega churches in 100 years. Bus tours of where Bill Hybels spoke? It has happened in Europe, who is to say it won't happen here. Living organisms aren't built to last, they are built to die. Who would have thought those churches would have died 200 years ago or a century ago? No one. Yet we continue to think that it won't happen in our church. Our church is timeless we think.

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