Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Emotional Day

It's an emotional day. Not sure exactly why. Relationships are a little stressed around me. Danelle and I have never been closer though. I read at Coop's that David Hopkins and his wife are expecting! I read David's blog now and then. I like it and I don't. But it keeps drawing me back. It will be interesting to see how a child will affect David's life and views.

I was sorting through the kid's drawers this morning. Danelle is working every day, so I'm home with the kids three days a week. It is strange that I feel a ton more productive working around the house then I do for the church. My job with the church is more in the idea realm. That is a hard realm to feel productive. Anyway, I was moving all the kid's shorts and tank tops out of their drawers and felt a surge of emotion. No tears but it was close. In a way, it was a good feeling. It was a feeling of the depth of what we have in our family.

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