Wednesday, October 08, 2003

From Representative to Participatory

This is the difference between an institution and a movement. This is where I am trying to take our church culture.

A representative culture is based on certain beliefs:
-People want and need to be controlled and have decisions made for them.
-The task of leadership is to administer guidance and regulations.
-People do only the things they are rewarded for doing.
-People cannot be trusted to use their personal freedom in service of the society or organization.

A participatory culture is based on just the opposite beliefs:
-People want to make their own decisions and have multiple choices.
-Leadership is emboldening and empowering others to lead.
-People will make sacrifices for the good of the whole.
-Human systems are self-organizing, and people can be trusted to invest wisely of their resources and time.
-- from Postmodern Pilgrims p 59-60

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