Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Midwest Churches of God

I met Monday with the Midwest Region Churches of God Administrative Council.

The best part for me was that my wife Danelle got to ride up with me. We left Sunday afternoon (the kids went to Grandmas). We talked, ate at Panera's, visited our "adopted" daughter Nikki in Bloomington, and spent the night in a hotel. Monday morning, we slept in and watched TV. Very cool.

Our friend Tom Craig, who was also attending the meeting, asked for a ride over to the church. We all went to lunch at Pizza Hut in Savannah, IL. Seriously, it is the best Pizza Hut I've ever seen.

Danelle worked on her dad's accounting while I met with the Ad Council in the afternoon. I shared with them what we have been doing, which is mainly creating a culture among the church plants and the established churches that inspires us to daughter churches.

They asked what they could do to help. Create culture was my answer. They were a bit confused. We have a tendency to want to serve the culture that already is. But I believe we should inspire a better culture. We need to create a culture that creates healthy churches. They asked some good questions, but I left them a little confused.

But I am hopeful. I am hopeful because I truly believe we can acccomplish more together than apart. And if we don't inspire a culture among the churches then we will not accomplish more together than apart.

Danelle and I traveled home Monday evening (it was a 5 hour trip one way). We ate at Delaney's family restaurant on the way home in Oglesby, IL. It was good food, but a little slow. There was a sign for Salsa's Mexican food which was farther in town. We followed the signs, but it was closed. Agh!

If either of us looks a little bleary eyed, now you know why.

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