Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Why Do I Read the Blogs I Read?

I noted that I thought I might start reading Rachel's blog again.

She commented:
Thanks... was there some reason you stopped/started?

I don't read blogs for the same reason I blog. I blog mainly just for myself. I use it as a place to jot thoughts and resources that I want to be able to refer back to. If a conversation gets started, great. If not, then I admit to some disappointment, but oh well.

On the other hand, I do admit to checking technorati.com every week to see if anyone has linked to me. Ego vs dialogue. Don't know. I do like people to read it.

I read blogs that interest me. Simple really. Jordon Cooper's blog has consistently held my interest for almost two years. He writes about the emerging church, politics, his relationship with his wife, and new technology. Oh, and hockey. I don't read the stuff about hockey or the local Canadian politics. But overall I guess I am interested in what he is interested in.

He reads a lot more than I do so it gives me a glimpse into books I haven't had time to read.

I also read Darren Rowse's Living Room (interestingly enough Coop's and Darren's blogs are the first listed on Rachel's list too -- if they are in any order). I read Darren because he first read me and left a comment. He is a sincere guy, trying to minister in the 21st century. I was reading him regularly till he took a vacation to England. He blogged through his vacation, but it didn't capture my interest. (No fault of his.) I still read him, but haven't been as captured lately. Though he has given me most of the new links that have currently interested me. Well done Darren!

Sometimes the interest wears off. I read Rachel for a while. She lives in New Zealand, which is interesting because I know nothing of NZ except that is where Xena is shot and also The Lord of the Rings. Still, that can only hold my interest for so long.

Rachel asks good questions. Questions I needed to hear. I guess after reading her for a while, I just lost some interest. (BTW her web design is outstanding. You can purchase it for $150.)

There have been a couple blogs -- like Jason Evans, Karen Ward, as well as Rachel -- which I read for a while, wanted to feel a "kinship" to and didn't.

I am the emerging church in our denomination. Yet I don't feel as disenfranchised as many others do. I am frustrated. I see our denomination heading way too fast toward the PoMo corner and am fairly sure they aren't going to make the turn. But they have recognized me as a legitimate important voice.

I am not a boomer, but I feel like I'm not in the same generation as Rachel, Evans, and even Coop. I guess I'm not. They are late 20's. I am late 30's. Creech has captured my interest some lately. And I mentally don't mind his cussing, but somewhere in my heart, it puts me off a bit.

I once heard a PoMo (Post modern) characteristic is not being embarrassed by anything. Most of these blogs I've mentioned will tell almost anything on their blogs. As different as I feel from the generation before me (Boomers), and as open as I am with people in general (both privately and publicly), I can't share like that on the web.

But blog on my friends. I enjoy reading and learning from you all.

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