Monday, November 03, 2003

Blogging Tip

Darren has been printing a lot of really good blogging tips. Here is one from me.

Be careful of the rant. When people start blogging, it seems the first thing they can think of writing is a rant. They don't like this about the culture. They don't like that about people. The rant is not a great blog.

It is ok to vent a bit. It is ok to express some opinions. But What It's All About is to lead people toward Jesus. It isn't about getting people to have the same opinions. That may sound surprising. But my assumption is that as people grow closer and closer to Jesus, our opinions will begin to be surprisingly similar.

There is only way to God... and that is through Jesus Christ. But if Jesus is pictured as a mountain, then still we will approach Him from many different directions.

Blog Tip # 1: Don't distract people from the real issue -- Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior.

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