Monday, November 17, 2003


A few days ago, Darren Rowse posted a link to Scientists Discover Cure for Being George W. Bush Cure. Stealing the punch line, the cure is ritalin, which is what they give ADD kids (and adults).

I'm not offended by the comment but it did make me think about leadership. One thing I have to give President Bush credit for is he is trying to lead. He sees a global problem, and he is trying to make a difference by leading. He is putting forth ideas and implementing action. He may not succeed but I appreciate his fortitude to take a stand.

I suspect it would be easier for him and possibly more satisfying (in the case he fails) to not take such an active leadership role in the world. To say that he is doing for self-serving reasons makes me suspect.

Some people fear leadership. They don't want to be controlled. They don't want to be criticized. They don't want anyone to get too much power (which can be a problem -- Hitler). But the lack of leadership is a problem too. Vacuums suck.

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