Thursday, November 20, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

Danelle and I went to see the final installment of the Matrix movies, Matrix Revelutions. Excellent.

I was totally amazed by my response. My expectations were lowered going in because the reviews hadn't been that great. How can they really answer the question to "Why am I here?" Well, they did, but they didn't go over the top. It wasn't too easy either.

The ending was satisfying for me. There were several monologues where the Oracle and Smith take time to talk through what is going on. The action scenes are kept more to a minimum, as the conflict has escalated way beyond one on one, though the final showdown between Smith and Neo, though cartoonish, was enjoyable.

Some spiritual overtones to Christianity remain, but the equating of Smith and Neo as opposites would beg to make Jesus and Satan opposites. Satan wishes.

One thought that came to my mind was that I've always looked at the death and resurrection of Christ from a purely physical vantage point. He was dead. Then he came back to life. I'm aware that Peter talks about Jesus's descent into hell and back during this time, but it is an obscure reference. As Neo sees "beyond" what everyone else sees, it makes me think of trying to see "beyond" in my own life. It makes me think that Jesus death, like ours wasn't an ending, it was a leaving of the body. But he took his body back. That just has a different feel for me.

Good movie. I might try and go see it again.

But a warning, the language is excessive and there are some repulsive sexual images, though I actually think instead of being supposedly cool, they were to show the warpedness of the Merovingian.

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