Saturday, November 15, 2003

Please Don't Call It Church

Raw Faith wrote on her blog that she is starting to get disenchanted with church. She met with some other independent thinkers to discuss church.

It was an interesting group. Half of the group had been in full-time professional ministry, but had since left the pastorate, taken private economy jobs, and were no longer participating in institutional churches of any kind. They were not burned out on God. Their faith was not lacking. They just didn't want to "do" church anymore. Instead they were trying to explore ways to "be" church. A couple of the guys were meeting with a few families in their homes. Another was taking his church to the streets. The Soulfarers contingent, comprised of me and my two friends, represented for the small, but at least semi-organized fixed, weekly service. The others were skeptical. Coming from well-established, well-funded, mega-churches, they had ceased to believe that the slick productions and consumer-driven programs they offered had anything to do with church.

I talked with a man on Tuesday who was fairly plugged into a local church. He said he wasn't going anymore. It seemed like going through the motions. A lot of busyness about nothing.

WHACK! Why does my head hurt so much? Put that big stick down and don't hit me again! Thanks to Darren for the link.

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