Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Offended Church People

This is funny and it isn't. Mosaic is a very cool church and I suspect the people involved in this were immature believers doing what they thought was best.

Enjoy the excerpts here or read the whole article.
[Editor’s note: Author Craig Gross is cofounder of, a website created to make people aware of all the issues about porn and provide Christians with accountability and hope. The organization has recently completely covered a Toyota Scion xB in a graphic containing their website and slogan: “Porn site for the entire family.” They affectionately refer to this car as the “porn mobile.”]


I stayed behind, and she headed to the porn mobile. When she arrived, she found three people surrounding the vehicle and a note on the car. The note read: “You are more than welcome to come back to this church, but please do not park the car here or bring the car at all.” She tried to enter the car and was harassed by one of the three people. He kept telling her that XXX is a dirty word and should be taken out of the slogan. She kept telling him that it was a good thing and that the website targeted people struggling with pornographic issues. He kept mumbling and wouldn’t leave. So, she got into the car and proceeded to feed our son.


I wrapped up my discussion and headed to the car to meet my wife, unaware of all that had gone on. My wife was visibly upset and got more upset when I started laughing at the stupidity of the whole situation.

As I walked toward the car, the parking attendant informed me that the police were on their way, and we should take the car and leave.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” I said to him. “Why am I going to leave and try to escape?” We stuck around for a few minutes, and sure enough, the police car entered the parking lot. I started taking pictures of the whole scene and was hoping he was going to try to handcuff the vehicle.


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