Thursday, December 11, 2003

A Pronounciation Dictionary

I have a friend who reads constantly. So sometimes he will use a word that I won't recognize and then he'll spell it because he isn't sure how to pronounce it and neither am I. The current online dictionary I use doesn't give audio pronounciations unless you pay for membership.

But my daughter (8 years old) showed me another dictionary that does. Dictionary - Yahooligans! Reference - So now we know how to pronounce Essenes.

Update: I'll keep the link in my sidebar for the other dictionary because the one failing of American Heritage at yahooligans is that if you misspell the word (a likely problem if you are in need of a dictionary), it doesn't give any suggestions or at least it didn't on "fahrenheit" which I spelled "farenheit". The other dictionary however does and did.

I just looked up "maladroit" for clarification and pronounciation.

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