Friday, February 27, 2004

The Passion of the Christ

I saw the movie last night. Here are just some thoughts, not meant to be a review, but more how the movie affected me.

1. I thought the visual gore was worse in Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, and I was more torn apart by Schindler's List. I personally wasn't sickened or bothered though I know people who will be.

2. The basic story was well told with the addition of Satan as a main character not seen in the Gospel accounts.

3. The movie was well made and the story well told.

4. There were strange visuals of children with orcish (evil) faces haunting the cursed Judas. That bothered me more than any violence and in one place the devil is carrying around a little orc baby. Not sure what that was.

5. Two parts that moved me were one, when the guy is finished carrying Jesus' cross and then he has this look on his face, "What else can I do for you?" and the answer is "nothing. Only Jesus can do this." I felt the same way. And two, there are flashbacks to Jesus serving communion and then back to his body on the cross and the blood dripping from his body. My next communion will be a little more intense.

6. I thought that even not knowing any of the story of the Bible, that you would still walk away getting the point. That is hard to know, but the story was that well-told.

7. I wouldn't call it "must-see," and I think it could confuse people on the facts just a bit, but I also would encouarage anyone to see it (over the age of 12) and to then have some conversations about it.

8. The subtitles weren't distracting to me though there was one instance it went so fast I think I missed one. And I would like to see it without subtitles. I think it would still be pretty effective and hold your attention.

9. My only irritation with the movie was the haunting, orcish faces of the children. It seemed out of place and distracted me from the guts of the movie. I get it that there are evil forces and that sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between flesh and spirit, but I thought that was well-enough depicted by the addition of Satan as a character.

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