Friday, March 12, 2004

Update - busy, busy, busy

Most of the time, I seem to be at Common Grounds. I finally feel like I'm keeping the schedule of a church planter. I meet with people all the time. At Common Grounds, I'm starting to recognize the regulars and getting friendly waves and conversation. That wasn't happening before.

So due to my schedule, my blogging is suffering. Oh well.

I have seen The Passion of the Christ three times now. The first time I thought it was a bit odd. The second time I was very moved. The third time I took a nasty headache into the theatre. Each time I saw it with a group from our church.

The Davinci Code duped me. At the end, they reveal a different picture and the Catholic church has nothing to do with the murders. I don't want to ruin the book so I won't say anymore. This is an interesting piece of fiction. When people thread fiction and truth together, it moves people's hearts more than just a fact book. The book certainly leans toward the side of Mary Magdalene being Jesus' wife and mother of his children.

Next week will be even more busy. Sunday, I get to baptize my daughter. Cool.

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