Saturday, March 27, 2004

What is the Point of the Gospel?

Saw this posted over at Ron Mortoia's site.

and the point of the gospel is what? this is a question I have been asking for the last year or so. it seems that if evangelical christianity is giving the answer we would have to say the gospel is given to make sure people have secured a ticket to get in the heavenly stadium. that is certainly the point of most of our services in church and is the focus of almost all evangelism training i know about. and yet Jesus seems almost uninterested in eternity. the question of where you will spend your forever is hardly if ever dicsussed in all of Jesus' ministry exchanges... at the very least I find that extremely troubling. the question we have been taught to ask every would-be disciple is, “if you were to die tonight...“ Jesus never asked that and to the best of my knowledge only engaged a rich yuppie in that discussion when he was asked about it. just as an aside, Jesus' answer to that entrepruener was clearly out of synch with our evangelical teaching on how to “get saved.“ so back to the original question, what is the point of the gospel if securing advanced seating in the heavenly arena doesn't seem to be Jesus' main agenda?

The point of the Gospel is to be restored to our original image, truly human, courageous, strong, spiritual, whole, and given the purpose of serving God with a specific task. Jesus Christ came to set us free of the sin that binds us by paying the price (death) for our selfishness and rebellion. Your thoughts?

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