Thursday, April 08, 2004

Beginning a Guide for Conversation

1. Be respectful of people's truth chunks.
2. Look for commonality, then differences.
3. If the other person has instead taken the opportunity to expose vast differences, don't take it personally. Set aside hurt feelings and examine the differences.
4. Assume the truth is out there and that through discussion, you will only create a more orderly pile of truth chunks.

My biggest problem right now with conversation is taking stuff personally. I was reading comments on a friend's blog and quickly found myself offended. They didn't know me, but they were regularly picking up my truth chunks, making a face, and tossing them aside. Ouch. Even talking with my wife, who I love and respect very much, neither of us likes the way the other handles our idea chunks (different from truth chunks?).

My goal is that we can have profitable conversations that benefit both participants, building rather than tearing down. Sounds like the Apostle Paul, or maybe it was Peter come to think of it.

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