Friday, April 23, 2004

Cafe Amici

Our friends, John and Lynne Calvelage opened a coffee house a few years ago in Findlay, OH. This week I went to Findlay to hear Len Sweet speak at Ritz Lectures at Winebrenner Theological Seminary (may alma mater). The new facility is magnificent.

I wasn't leaving Findlay without a stop at Cafe Amici. It was wonderful. I miss John and Lynne immensely. This photo may help ease my pain. (That's me and Lynne. I just missed John.) Lynne is great with people. She has obviously created an atmosphere where community can form. The church could learn so much from Lynne and John, and yet I have seen some treat them as immature Christians. Ridiculous! Their depth is frightening. I rarely feel as loved as when I am with them. Their very presence in Findlay makes me want to live their again.

Of course, I spent two days with my best, best buddy Lance Finley. Lance is a single man with bunk beds! Don't call the police. Lance has turned his home into a hotel. Three of us stayed at his house, all with our own beds. He was one of the most generous men I know. I am amazed too at his depth and consider his friendship to be one of the most valuable assets in my life.

Lance had to take Dr Sweet back to the airport in Toledo. I got to ride along. Very cool.

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