Friday, April 23, 2004

The Secret of Life

There is an Irish band named The Corrs that I like. They mix a pop sound with Traditional Irish melodies. I was listening to Forgiven Not Forgotten and one song is called The Secret of Life. I couldn't catch all the lyrics. Here is a sample.

Evangelists, scientologists
And others I won't mention
Offer lessons in codology
To all with good intention (intention)
Listen at your peril
Put your soul in detention
Resensitise yourself
To this incredible dimension

When you're all alone
And it doesn't seem quite fair
Why we're all left in ignorance
Turning to despair (turning to despair)
Philosophy and theology
Offer us a glimpse
At something more incredible (incredible)
Than you and I

So call on the secret life
Call on the secret life
Show me the way of life
Bring on the secret life

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