Friday, April 02, 2004

Tom Toner Phone Call

Loyal blog reader Tom Toner called me last night to see what's up with my limited blogging. I'm blogging life. I'm at Common Grounds (local coffee shop) a lot these days. That has been very good.

I'm helping organize a Habitat for Humanity Golf tournament. We're selling hole sponsorships for $100 per hole. I hate making calls. But yesterday I made some so I wouldn't be embarrassed at this morning's meeting. I did better than I expected. First Mid Bank said sure. Then I went and saw a friend who owns Home Construction. Sure. Then I stopped by Kirchner's Building Center. I married the manager to his wife so I thought I had an in. Sure. I was doing well so I stopped at my car mechanic. Yeah, the lady getting the house, her father worked for me for several years. Sure. It was almost fun raising money.

So... less blogging time.

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