Friday, June 11, 2004

A Day Away

Danelle and I took the day away yesterday. We went to Rockville IN and ate a restaurant called The Baker's Delight. Wow! Really good, but a little slow. While there, an old classmate came up and said, "Hi." Wild! We thought we were far from home! Then we went over to Turkey Run State park and took some rugged trails. What a blast. One trail was a creek bed filled with mist. God seemed so big. The weather was supposed to be bad, but it constantly stayed it's distance from us, drowning the places we just left.

Thanks God for a great day. Our anniversary (#13) is next Tuesday. I'm not sure this hasn't been the very best year of our marriage. It at least feels like it. I'm a lucky man. My wife is my best friend. I like everything about her.

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