Friday, June 25, 2004

Marital Advice

I was just writing my wedding sermon for an upcoming wedding and thought I might share a bit of it with you.

I used to say, “The key to marriage is communication.” It isn’t. The key to marriage is a belief in the God-given character of your spouse and the dedicated purpose of revealing that character to the world. It takes a tremendous humbleness to not make life about you.

I want more than anything for the world to know how beautiful my wife is both inside and out. She wants more than anything for the world to know that her husband is some kind of wonderful and is making an impact on this world with his created purpose.

And of course, the devil whispers to us every day… “She isn’t that beautiful. Did you see the ugliness that was coming up out of her last night?” “He isn’t making any impact. He is sacrificing your life right down the toilet.”

That will be your fight Jami. To believe in your husband, to believe in his dreams. I believe that the key to Jeremy’s dreams has always been you. The devil will lie to you and whisper that you are the reason he is not achieving his dream. “You are in the way. You are holding him back.” Nonsense.

I believe with all my heart that if Jeremy does succeed in his dreams, you will be the reason why. He will point to your encouragement, your wisdom, your strength, your commitment, your love.

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