Saturday, July 17, 2004

Annual Toner Appreciation
A massive treasure lies south of the tracks in small Martinsville, Illinois.  Six foot four and still a force to be reckoned with, Tom Toner stands amidst a house full of treasures.  Himself a diamond, a deeply spiritual man who knows his roots, yet continues to seek the depths, Tom invited us over for some fish and fries.  Tom's wife Marsha, a rare jewel, always makes us feel incredibly welcome, yet her role is far from one step behind Tom.  She is quite capable.  At almost six foot, young Matt has an incredible kindness to him.  I'm not sure I've met a 15 year old with as kind a spirit and yet a most certain strength.  And finally, young Aaron rounds out the lot.  He is smart as a whip and yet refrains from "having to be right."  (Note the "Quotation Marks")
Danelle and I remarked about the abundant wealth that resides on Schofield.  It is a rare find.

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