Friday, July 30, 2004

Sermons on a Stick

I was just about to start finishing out Sunday's sermon on Mark 3 when I thought of another way not to work on it. Hopefully, before the end of the year, my office will be out of my house. Part of the problem I'm already encountering is that I'm not able to work consistently at one computer. Sometimes I use the church notebook, sometimes Midwest Church Planting's PC, sometimes my home computer (a slow Pentium II that I hope Dell can help me replace later this fall!).

How much room does my directory called Sermons take up? 190 meg. Hmmm... that isn't that much. So I went over to Bestbuy. I can buy a key chain that plugs into a USB port and I could have my entire sermon library complete with Powerpoint files in my pocket to be used at any PC I can get my hands on. 64M for $28.50. 128M for $47.50. 256M for $56. 512M for $123. 1.5G for $243. Unreal!


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