Friday, July 30, 2004


Crossover Property - We now have a verbal commitment for a loan from a local bank for the full purchase price of the property we have been hoping to buy. I hope we can close by September. Then the work begins!!

Tobias Family - We were blessed this week to have Ben and Sherri Tobias, old friends from Seminary, stay with us a few days this week. Ben was my roommate in Seminary for a year, easily one of the best roommates I have ever had. He and Sherri were married 14 days before Danelle and I. So we all had that in common -- newly married, attending seminary, the ladies moving to an unknown town. We became fast friends and have been ever since. They have been an incredible blessing on our lives.

Daily Dose - Here is a website I have been visiting daily. This guy takes really amazing photos. A daily dose has been a great way to start my mornings.

Emerging Reporter - Rodger Sellers spent the summer visiting the "emerging churches" that I would love to visit. His report on each is here. I've read a few. Wonderful, eyewitness accounts if you have any interest.

Brant Hansen - is writing a book. Advanced copies can be purchased through me. Now he only needs to decide what to write. And while that is kind of funny, I won't be surprised at all if this guy writes a knock-dead drag out book. God poured a little thick on this guy when he was pouring out talent.

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