Thursday, July 01, 2004

Vacation Highlights

We took three days vacation this week to St Louis. Awesome! My wife, my three kids, and my mom all went.

Monday we did the St Louis zoo. You can't hardly beat it. My youngest son didn't realize how big elephants were. His mouth got droopy when he saw them.

Tuesday we did Six Flags over St Louis. My daughter, who will be 9 next week, won a free ticket for doing something at school. We were skeptical whether the whole family would enjoy six flags. Our boys are 2 and 5 years old. We were wrong!

They all enjoyed the Looney Toons area, highlighted by a little one lap roller coaster that really got them going. Cayden, my boy, went all the way around with his hands in the air! Very cool.

Then we did the log flume and road the Collosus ferris wheel. My two year old, Ethan, got soaked on Thunder River. He didn't like it so much.

Then we split up, and my nine year old girl road the Ninja roller coaster and went upside down four times! While she did that the boys and I went to the alligator show and Cayden held a little alligator. We have the picture to prove it! What brave kids!

Wednesday, we did the Magic House. It was pretty cheap and the kids had a great time.

The weather was perfect. Thanks God for a great vacation trip!

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