Sunday, August 08, 2004

Keyes Runs For Senate in Maryland Illinois

The state of Illinois has asked Alan Keyes from Maryland to run for Senate and represent the people of that great state. Once he meets a few of us, he'll probably be in a great position to do just that.

On Sunday, Keyes spent much of his speech discussing his love of Maryland and his deliberations over running in Illinois.

Keyes said he felt he should leave Maryland to "defend the land of my spirit and my conscience and my heart."

"If indeed that land is the state of Illinois, then I have lived in the Land of Lincoln all my life." he said.

Keyes states his reason for running:

He said he decided to enter the race after reviewing Obama's record on abortion, gun control and taxes.

Interesting. Obama obviously must be stopped. It wouldn't surprise me if we find Obama holding secret meetings in the new space stations built by the evil genius. If only we can a get a church planted there before it happens. The lease is a bit high. If you would like to help, please send me your donations. Or if you are interested in being the first space station church plant pastor, please send me a resume.

"He has never seen a spending bill he couldn't find some excuse for and has never seen a tax increase he didn't like," Keyes said. "We find somebody who in the tradition of a lot of the liberals would rather that our children are educated in schools controlled by impersonal bureaucracy than in schools under the influence and control of the parents who love them and care about their future."

Aghhh!!!! I'm sure that Obama is sincerely for impersonal bureaucracy controlling our schools. Let's certainly not make this campaign about seriously debating the issues!


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