Wednesday, September 15, 2004


It struck me the other day that Jesus didn't have a Christian worldview. He never got over a 100 miles from home. He didn't seem to have political views. He was more concerned with his daily encounters, his local teaching, and the necessity of his death.

On another worldview track, I've tried to express that we don't seem to understand why our jobs are going to India. Here is a paragraph from an article in this months Fastcompany.

Tom Patterson has spent the last year setting up a technology operations center in Hyderabad, India, ... "I'm amazed at the work ethic," he says. "People are hungry, entrepreneurial, and willing to do whatever it takes at great sacrifices. These kids are working for a change in economic status. Things that we take for granted like housing, health care, vacations -- this is what they're looking at. And the difference to them between $6,000 a year and $10,000 is huge."

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