Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Illinois Political Party

Gil and I are playing around with the idea of starting a new political party in Illinois, with hopes of finding a person of stature to make the run for governor in two years.

This link on economics to abortion might be of interest as we put together our platform.

There are two keys to this process -- naming the party and picking the right animal to represent us. I think the party should be named "This is how Jesus would vote" party. If Keyes was an Illinois citizen, we would be assured of his vote.

As for the animal, my kids love the squid.

So as the rest of you can be a part of our serious/not so serious idea, we think that there are Democrat and Republican issues that we want and there are Republican and Democrat issues that we don't want. We want a government that reflects the fact that we feel that government is God ordained.

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