Friday, October 01, 2004

Unfair Wages Rethink

Thursday was a tough day for me. As a treat, I asked my friend Gil to have lunch with me. It was a needed treat.

Gil follows the blog, so I said something like this. "Help me understand what Brant might be thinking when he said that the Democrats won't like that Matthew 20 reference where the Rich Man says he can do whatever he wants with his money."

After some discussion I came to realize that Democrats do care what rich people do with their money and don't want to leave it to them to decide. A Republican might read this as saying no one should tell me what to do with my money, as long as I tithe. I don't know if that was Brant's take or not. Brant is a brilliant guy. So is Rob Smith. Gil ain't to shabby. So I do not mean to put words into their mouths.

But I read the passage completely differently. I read it as God being the rich man. And God has decided not to be fair but to be generous and encouraging to those who he chooses. And I would assume he chooses the poor, the underdog. So God has directed us to use our resources in the same way. It would appear to me that the Democrats would fully agree. Instead of the Republicans taking the place of the rich man and being able to do whatever they want with their funds, God is the rich man and is telling the Republican not to get bothered when He redistributes His funds.

Our money is not our own. We are only stewards for God's money.

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