Monday, December 20, 2004


Sunday was our Christmas service at church. I really wanted to do just to the incarnation of Christ. I had worked it fairly well, but wasn't really happy with my sermon notes. So Sunday morning after a long Saturday night (all three of our kids have the flu), I grabbed all my stuff and loaded all the equipment into the trailer and van (we still set up each week at the Ramada).

We did two Christmas songs with the band (that's always fun this time of year). Then I played the Visual Bible from the Gospel of Matthew showing the birth of Christ. As it played, I went to my Bible to check over my sermon notes. Only, they weren't there. I had left them on the printer.

There I stood with no notes. In 9 years of preaching full-time, it has never happened. I knew what my points were, and I was aware if I wasn't careful, I would finish in 5 minutes. I thought it was ok, and a few people I confided in afterward said that it was in fact very good.

Still, it was one of the more fearful moments of my ministry.

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