Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Superglue Incident

Here's what happened. My wife works full-time. My mom comes up twice a week to watch our three year old son. On those days, I try to get as much work done as I can on my job. That particular day, I had a ton of work, very busy. Mom is usually great, but she seemed to be taking more of my time than usual. I was trying to get into the office after lunch, but mom had other plans for me. The arm on my son's gorilla had broken off. Mom wanted me to glue it. I said you glue it. She said she doesn't do superglue. Neither do I. For some reason, she insisted. So I took the glue and glued the gorilla's arm back on. As I was doing it, my fingers began to feel warm. I soon realized I had superglue all over my hand. Not good. I knew to try fingernail polish remover, but it was taking a long time, making me madder and madder since I was so busy. Then I started getting worried that just getting it off wasn't good enough and maybe I had done some damage to my skin. So I looked up the website below, which in turn helped Rob Smith (see the comment). God is so good.

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