Saturday, January 08, 2005

I have a sneaking suspicion I know what happened to me

Missing Brains

The Maine Sunday Telegram of Portland has since reported that 31 of the 99 cases in which brains were provided lacked written consent forms to prove that family members authorized the donations.

Cyr, 35, who has left his funeral home inspector job and now works as a police officer in Bucksport, Maine, has declined to comment on his work.

Maine officials have cited privacy rights and state law in not identifying people whose brains were sent to the Maryland institute.

The Gagnons agreed this week to settle their lawsuit against the institute. Lawyers have identified two other families who plan to file similar lawsuits.

Good, now the guy is a police officer. I feel safe. Watch out getting pulled over a speeding ticket in Bucksport, Maine. And the good thing is that the people who sued over their son's brain got money instead of a promise that it wouldn't happen again. Now we can get a big screen TV. He would have wanted us to have it.

OK. That was long pent up sarcasm. I think I'm ok now.

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