Tuesday, February 15, 2005


We got it. We love it. Worth every penny.

UPDATE: I had not taken time yet to send in my $100 rebate. When I read the instructions, I realized I was in trouble because I had thrown away the box, and thus my UPC code. Ouch! I checked customer support and they don't support email. So I spent the evening feeling foolish. This morning I checked for a phone number, assuming as McAfee (which kept refusing my credit card info) they had a toll number (meaning I had to pay for it.) I refused to call McAfee on my dime so that I could buy their product. But TIVO had a toll free line. I called it (knowing I would be on hold for an hour). They had a hip but hard to understand computer interact with me for a moment but then I could say "Live Agent" and be transferred fairly quickly. "Your wait will be less than... 2 minutes." And it was. And she said, "No problem. Send in your rebate. It will be denied. Then call us and we'll take care of it."

We got it. We love it. We have paused Live TV several times. When I want to watch some TV, there is always something I want to watch recorded. Worth every penny.

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