Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Watered Down

Brant asked in one of the comments on Young Message, "What was the Gospel that Jesus was preaching and sending people out to preach even BEFORE the cross?"

Along those lines, it has struck me lately that sometimes conservatives will call anything more liberal than their stance "Watered Down." Thinking along those lines, it is possible for the conservative to be watered down. If the conservative narrows their focus beyond othodoxy (assuming orthodoxy is right, though we may not alway be sure where that line is), then the conservative "waters down" the issue.

The conservative is right that if you go beyond orthodox, you also "water down" the issue. The conservative however is concerned that expanding his circle is a slippery slope toward being outside orthodoxy.

Here is an example. Roman Catholics believe only a single celebate man can be a priest. This is the most conservative view. Conservative Christians believe that is too narrow and that a married man can be a priest/pastor. Less conservative Christians believe a woman can be a pastor. Liberal Christians believe a homosexual can be a pastor. Where is the orthodox line?

My issue isn't the issue of who can be a pastor. My insight is that any person in the conservative circles are fearful that moving out one circle is a slippery slope all the way out.

Other issues -- alcohol, version of the Bible, ...

My concern is to get the fullness of the Gospel without going beyond orthodox. But since orthodox is usually subjective... But the conservative must take into account he may be the one watered down.

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